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Portuguese Wonders

Nature always inspires me, but I don’t think I’ve had an experience like in Portugal before. Driving along through the country, breathtaking coastal roads and stunning beaches, but most of all the unbelievably rich range of colors in the flora – this beautiful country really fueled my creative tanks!

For me one of the hardest parts about photography is having to pick, making decisions where to shoot. And if your surrounded by beauty it doesn’t exactly get easier. But I guess here I am complaining on a rather high level!

For this sunset shoot with my oh so talented Portugese friends and fellow wedding photographer’s Rui & Cristiana / Love is My Favorite Color, which was part of our workshop in Portugal, took a lot of inspiration from her stunning dress and I am really so happy about these golden results!

Hope you like them too and Portugal my dear, promising I’ll be back to search for this heart of mine that you stole so cheekily!

xoxo Pia

Couple Photography Algarve Portugal Film Photography Sunset couple photography in the Algarve region by Love photography Portugal wedding and couple photography by peaches & mint Rui Vaz Franco of Love is my Favorite Color couple portraits by peaches & mint Rui & Cristiana Vaz Franco of Love is my favorite Color at the Algarve shot by Couple photography Portugal film photography analog by Love is my favorite color by peaches & mint happiness captured on film in Portugal Gorgeous portuguese wedding photographer couple shot on film by peaches & mint


Shot on Contax 645, with Fuji 400H and developed by Carmencita Film Lab.

oh really pretty Pia, love these!

What an amazing experience Pia!! You made it so easy for us, thank you so much for these amazing photographs!! :)

Nature is always the best studio! Love the pictures!

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