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Portraits by Pia Clodi

One of the biggest blessings I find since moving to Salzburg is that of nature on the tip of my toes. Even chamois-bearing woods are just a walk away and stepping out of the door into the crisp morning air I am reminded of something photography is so painfully lacking for me: Although often we trust it’s ability to record, it will never have this startling effect of a scent, (more…)

Leaf by Leaf Daily Diptych by Pia Clodi
Francis Bacon said that “The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.” And it’s this kind of melancholy that I often experience when photographing. Why even try, if what we can record lacks the ultimate ability to transcend us? (more…)
Peaches & Mint Analog Photography Wall Art Quotes

It’s almost two years now, that I went to Buenos Aires and looking back  I am chuckling that I didn’t have quaintest notion I was intuitively adopting a very old idea. Taking a sabbatical or the advice to “let your fields lay fallow in the 7th year”, has recently found it’s modern day synonym in “taking a Sagmeister”, (more…)

Finest Honeymoon Destination Photography Santorini Greece

Where better to open your eyes on a honeymoon morning than the magical Greek island of Santorini? The blue domes and whitewashed houses are brushed, for but an hour, with golden light, gently waking the world for the day ahead. (more…)

Olive Grove Wedding Inspiration Tuscany, Comme Soie Styling, Peaches & Mint Finest Film Photography, Gibson Bespoke Couture Necklace & Cape, Twobirds Dress equals magic

Wonderful hideaways amidst rolling hills, wine, great food and sunset that melt your heart – could there actually be a more romantic place to get married? I couldn‘t think of one! So happy I will be back in Tuscany next week, (more…)

Elegant Mallorca Wedding at Cap Rocat

For the celebration of their love and vows to each other, Yiwei and Yuka chose one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Nestled deep within the Mediterranean, surrounded by downright spectacular views, lies the island of Mallorca. Their incredible venue Cap Rocat, an old military fort situated in a private bay facing the old town of Palma, really stopped my heart a beat! From the magical ceremony location, with the Spanish sun retiring in the background, to the endlessly romantic reception and dinner, (more…)