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My office is lit up by these lovely creatures today and I thought I’d share my little spring anticipation with you! Looking at this colorful bunch and the sun outside today – I really get itchy feet!!


Remember my cover shot for the third issue of Hochzeitsguide‘s beautiful e-magazine? Probably one of my all time favorite shots so far! It was part of a wonderful shoot I did for my friend Niely Hoetsch, who has been a big supporter from the beginning days of peaches & mint, as well as an inspiration through her art. (more…)

Atelier visit at peaches & mint in Vienna

Two years ago I took a brave step by renting a beautiful appartment in one of the many historic buildings here in Vienna. I had been doing the working & living combination for a while and dreamt of a proper workspace / office and also the possibilities of a daylight studio. (more…)

So what are the best kind of weddings for me to capture? Always the ones that warm my heart, where I feel like I want to call the people my friends, because you meet and it just clicks. And the ones that are full of inspiring details, beautiful locations and ideas that make a day so personal, special and fun to capture. And yes, it doesn’t get better than being treated with both at once!


Hermes Baby typwriter and 50s wedding stationery

I really enjoyed capturing Barbara & Peters stunning wedding last Autumn here in Vienna – they had a lovely 50s theme for their day and Jutta Ulmer did such a perfect job designing the stationery! Looking at the design & colors I instantly thought of my old Hermes Baby typewriter – isn’t it a match made in heaven? A mint one even! (more…)

For a long time I’ve been dreaming about creating a traditional Austrian Trachten inspiration – without the “Kitsch” that the theme usually comes with. For a foreigner it might be strange, but Dirndl and Lederhosen aren’t unusual outfits in Austria – still many people wear their Trachten for various occasions, for market saturdays, traditional celebrations and of course – weddings! (more…)