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Family Photography Austria

I’ve been collecting lot’s of moods and finally started locationscouting again, now that it’s spring and everything is starting to blossom and bloom, I’m getting itchy feet to grab my camera and get some lovely peeps in front of my camera! (more…)

The blogger behind Susanne Schuhmann

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to get someone special in front of my lense! Susanne is the woman behind Hochzeitsguide, a wonderful wedding blog that has grown to inspire brides way beyond the borders of Austria! (more…)

Fine Art Wedding Photography Vienna Austria

Here’s to some thoughts I’ve been wanting to share for a while now! There’s so much preperation and thoughts going into the big day, some start planning more than a year in advance and all of a sudden it’s there! It will be special and exciting and memorable, it will be all the things you’ve dreamed of and (more…)

Wedding photography client giveaways

I am always thinking about ways to inspire my clients to frame their favorite images. To have them close to your eyes & hearts up on the walls of your home, makes those memories stay alive and become an active part of your everyday life.  (more…)

Winter is really on the run this year, with signs of an early spring popping up everywhere. So I’ve decided to wave the cold time of year goodbye with one marvellous wedding I got to photograph in Vienna last December. (more…)

Getting to photograph thoughtful little details is always a special treat for me! Featured on Belle & Chic today, we want to show you a little mediterranean inspiration my talented friends Viktoria of Lovely Weddings and Fiona of Flowerup created for you! Wouldn’t these be lovely ideas for an Italian inspired wedding? Detail shots like these are a wonderful way to tell something about you, your story or the theme of your wedding day! (more…)