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Mystical Sintra

I dreamed of Portugal, of a palace beyond time and era, somewhere to get lost and be found at once. Let us take you to Monserrat…

With the help of an amazing team of Portuguese people I got to make some dreams come true back in February! Finally our mystical Sintra bridal inspiration is ready for the world, here’s a little sneak preview for you!

Many thanks have to be given, first and formost to Mrs. Cristiana “I don’t take no as an answer” Vaz Franco, part of the talented film photography duo Love is my favorite color who took my dreams a lot of steps closer to reality with her let’s do it attitude. You know these moments when you add a date to your calendar and realize things are actually happening? Well I had a lot of them with Cristiana. It was her who got the palace of my dreams, the amazing Monserrat Palace in Sintra, on board for our editorial adventure alongside a team of uber-talented Portuguese folks:

To be working and shooting alongside Sofia Ferreira of Branco Prata absolutely was part of dreams coming true – I am just in love with everything she lays her talented hands on! So were the amazing dress designs by Pureza Mello Breyner were – tailored right down to my visions and Marianne’s beauty. Her stunning looks were created by Joanna Moreira, who I’ve been missing every day since then, so much bliss it was to work with her! Tanîa of T Bakes showed her incredible craft with cakes that were above and beyond artful, taking everyone’s breath away! And as you may know I have a soft spot for calligraphy – well we even had some of the gorgeous works of Ana of Levado à Letra to add icing on this palace dream. Yes, believe me I felt like a princess with all this beauty surrounding us and glad I was indeed that there were some rad guys to joke around with, take amazing behind the scenes shots & pinch me every now and then! Thanks to Rui Vaz Franco, Carlos Ferreira & his team of Videoart – can’t wait to share some behind the scenes with you soon!

Yesterday I had an interview with an Austrian newspaper who wanted to know about my postproduction workflow and how I handle all the editing involved in getting to a beautiful picture. Well, I told them, I don’t! I have this bunch of rad people down in Valencia, Spain who take amazingly great care of me and literally make me “look good” and have my back, allowing me to fully concentrate on what I want to become great at: Seeing light, anticipating emotion and creating images. So a very special thank you goes out to Buenaventura Marco and the whole team of Carmencita Film Lab.

That’s it for now, hop on over and get your hands on a copy of this utterly stunning issue of VOW Magazine (Cover shot by Brumley & Wells, gorgeously styled by my darling Sue Neuenschwander / Comme Soie) to see more and stay tuned for behind the scenes!

xoxo and speak soon!!


Mystical Sintra © peaches & mint by Pia Clodi

Mystical Bridal Inspiration Portuguese palace in Sintra by

Marianna by Pia Clodi

Monserrate Palace Sintra Mystical Places Portugal © pia clodi

Bridal Editorial Monserrat Palace Sintra © Peaches & Mint by Pia Clodi

Monserrat Palace Sintra Portugal Editorial by Pia Clodi for Peaches & Mint - VOW Magazine 2016

Oh Pia,

wie im Märchen! So cool, dass du deine Visionen immer wieder zum Leben erweckst! Chapeau!

This is so very beautiful! :)

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