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Mystical Italy

Italy, I hope to write you a love song one day! This place is just beyond beautiful and there is so much to find, around every corner there is history – it’s so mystical! And yes, there’s a lot of olive trees too – they always make me happy! So glad I got to visit these two lovers at their hideaway on the stunning Lago di Garda.

I haven’t been to Lago di Garda in years, for a Salzburgian it always seemed a bit too close and alas we do have some beautiful lakes very close by, so if we go to Italy we want to enjoy the sea or Tuscany, not another lake. But oh this one is worth a journey!

I hope you enjoy these impressions of San Vigilio, which might be one of the most romantic spots I have ever been fortunate to visit and the spontanious couple session I did with my friends. So happy I got to make some memories for them!


Olive branch Italy destination photo shoot on filmSan Vigilio Lago di Garda on FilmCouple Shoot San Vigilio Lago di Garda by captured on film Couple Shoot San Vigilio Lago di Garda by Romantic Lago di Garda sunset shoot by peaches & mint Couple Shoot San Vigilio Lago di Garda by captured on Fuji 400H film photography


By the way – lately been getting a lot of emails asking what camera system / photoshop filters I use: This is all shot on film. Beautiful, analog, real, haptic, 16 frames per roll, medium format film. I put it in a Contax 645, but there’s a lot of other cool old ladies who do a fabulous job, yet I believe nothing could catch those tones better than my dear Fuji 400H and my amazing photo lab Carmencita Film Lab who make those colors shine!

Beautiful photos!

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