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Mediterranean Inspiration

Getting to photograph thoughtful little details is always a special treat for me! Featured on Belle & Chic today, we want to show you a little mediterranean inspiration my talented friends Viktoria of Lovely Weddings and Fiona of Flowerup created for you! Wouldn’t these be lovely ideas for an Italian inspired wedding? Detail shots like these are a wonderful way to tell something about you, your story or the theme of your wedding day! Oh and yes – I am absolutely in love with the homemade olive oil give-aways! Hop over to Belle & Chic to see more!

Mediterrean Wedding Inspiration by peaches & mint Lemons & Olives Mediterrean Wedding Inspiration Olive & Herb Wedding Bouttonniers by OIive oil wedding give aways by photography peaches & mint Mixed vintage wine glasses photography by peaches & mint 

Zauberhaft, wie immer! :)
Ich LIEBE gold und glas mit den farben der blumen…. so warm!

Lieben Gruß!

Danke liebe Nora!!

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