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Travel companions

My best friend is a pretty cool cat. She’s a lawyer by day and a boutique hotel hunter by night. Precious, often hidden & not necessarily expensive places, which are a sight for sore eyes, because their owners spent time & taste thoughtfully creating them. She’ll magically find them.

Our last trip together took us to Italy, where she assisted me shooting a stunning wedding I will show soon on the blog. So we decided to make the most of the trip and spent two nights in the beautiful Borgo Dei Conti Della Torre. A small and super lovely hotel situated in the Friuli region, Italy. (It even has a stunning little chapel and of course I’m already dreaming about shooting a wedding there!)

I have been very lucky to travel a lot this year, although travelling does sound fancier and more glamorous than it actually is, especially lugging equipement around can be the kind of fun you end up discussing with your osteopath. Nonetheless, once you get somewhere new, you tend to forget all that and breath in the magic air of the unfamiliar. And it’s a great occasion to spend some time with your friends! Currently on the road with another lovely friend and writing from yet again a beautiful spot in Italy, Lago Maggiore, where tomorrow’s wedding will take place and happy to share a few impressions of this Italian portrait session with you!

They say: As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination. My friends inspire & push me, they’ve always done so and I couldn’t be more thankful, to have their encouraging voices and loving smiles with me whereever I go.


Borgo dei Conti della Torre Friuli Wedding Photography portrait by film photographer pia clodi Chapel at Borgo dei Conti della Torre Friuli Wedding Photography Pia Clodi Italian destination wedding photography Portrait photography Italy Italy Flora & Fauna Oleander in Italy destination wedding photography The beautiful Borgo dei Conti della Torre in Friuli is a wonderful wedding location Italian portrait session Italy is always a good idea that smile - portrait session captured on film in Friaul, ItalyPortrait session outfit Italy is beautiful wedding & destination photography by   Selfportrait at Borgo dei Conti della Torre


Alas, an oldfashioned selfie! ;-) Thanks to my favorite Spanish guys at Carmencita Film Lab for the stunning scans! You rock!!


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