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Dinner Conversation Topics

Last week at a dinner party my charming neighbour and I jumped right into one of the questions that keeps pondering my head most days. “What is beauty?” Udo asked, as if it were the most normal topic to speak about right after meeting someone and although I wanted to hug him for his unpretentious conversation opening, it definitely caught me of guard. Beauty.

This thing we all know exists, and we admire it in art, in nature, in human beings, in design or a photograph. But is it only me or do most of us have a though time understanding what exactly we are drawn to, what intrigues us?

Can it be harmony, a kind of ideal of proportions, which already the ancient greeks admired? I often experience it when photographing – looking through the lens I twist and turn until I find a harmonic frame in all the possibilities that are offered to me eye.

At times it is hard work finding the harmony. At times it is hard work choosing single frames. Grateful thoughts and siren songs for sore eyes thanks to my Florentine muse.



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