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Come, meet the stylist

Most of the time we only get to see and appreciate the results, yet it is incredible to watch an artists go to work. The creation has always been a most fascinating phenomenon to me: Maybe it’s all the more intriguing when results are revolutionarily, seemingly simple. And at it’s best you don’t see all the work that has been put into conquering a craft, an object, an idea or even an enterprise. You don’t see all the risks that have been taken, you don’t have to anticipate the energy it took. But you will feel the magic radiance, when something seems to have fallen into place.

Looking at Pearl’s work, delicate & extravagant as her stylings always are, they are never easily traced or superficially beautiful. Often it is a brave emptiness or simplicity, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Zen concept of Wabi Sabi is amongst her artistic influences. Embracing a concept of beauty infused by spaciousness and patina, her creations flow much like a Zen garden – leaving space for you, the viewer, to grow upon and often step right into them. Then you find yourself having wandered off to some childhood dream or another well-kept, hidden place your own imagination generously takes you.

It takes time to get back to the other world. It takes time to understand, what comes so natural to her is long grown and comes from a reaching to within, a looking inside. Is it an arduous effort she has to make? I will have to ask her sometime, but there’s a lot of things I would like to ask her still.

It was an enormous honour seeing Pearl go to work with me last winter, I cherish these artistic lessons, I know I have grown enormously upon them and I am truly proud of what we created together.

xoxo Pia

PS: More on the book soon – I enjoy laying this out slowly for you, I hope you do too!

Stylist Extravaganza Pearl Collins Cookbook Styling Ireland © pia clodi





I would like to ask her a few things too :) <3
By The way your work is amazing!

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