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Come, meet the Designer

Life is treating you terribly well if you find yourself in the company of people like Vanessa. For her there’s always time to ask “how are you’s” and look you in the eye with a cheeky smile, telling you that you shouldn’t just pass the question with the usual flappiant answer!

And then she is this terribly talent lady too! Having a widespread expertise & passion for editorial design I couldn’t have been more lucky to partner up with her last spring, after we had shot most of the cookbooks imagery in Ireland and start the design process: We tried fonts & layouts, juggeled with texts and images, tried papers and cover finishes. Yes, I was in this photographers candyland!

Working with great artists like Vanessa is a true bliss, yet collaborating with a whole agency and having someone there for production, someone for text, someone for lecturing and so on – it was like stepping into a dream, where everyone gets to do what they are best at! And trust me – this wouldn’t have made it into a real book if it weren’t for all these peeps of Bluforce being productive as ever. We are all so proud of the result and I can’t wait to share it with you soon! Stay tuned!!

xoxo Pia

PS: In case you missed it – we’ve already met the talented cook herself & the stylist extraordinaire, hop on over to hear more of this cookbook adventure!

Analog Photography Cookbook by Pia Clodi

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