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Ansel and I

The past months and years have been such an amazing journey and as a photographer I feel I have grown a lot, always working toward and developing stronger aesthetics and vision. One of the major steps was definitely to start shooting film and collaborating with the rad guys & girls of Carmencita Film Lab. So to give this year a really fresh start I updated my Q&A and hope you enjoy reading a little more about my analog approach to photography, shooting style and why I believe in this quote by a true master of photography: Mr. Ansel Adams. Hop over to find out more here!

BTW I’m super excited for all adventures coming up in 2015 with one of my biggest ever starting this week as I am moving to Buenos Aires for a lovely little while, to dance a lot of Tango, learn Spanish, photograph a wedding and all in all show this winter my pretty cold shoulder! But to share a version of summer that you yourself can take advantage of: There’s lot’s of beautiful weddings & shoots coming up on the blog soon so stay tuned!

Have a fabulous start into the New Year and may 2015 be filled with wonderful encounters, inspirations & most importantly a strong health!

xo Pia

You don't take a photograph, you make it. Ansel Adams Photography Quote and peaches&mint talking about her wedding photography approach-

Enjoy the trip!!!! Cant wait to see some photos and hear how are you doing there:)

Oh have the bestest time everest in Buenos Aires! Mucha suerte!!!! xx

Hope your trip was/is amazing!

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