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2013 – almost fully booked


2013 high season is almost fully booked, only two September weekends still available! Lot’s and lot’s of fabulous weddings coming up this year – can’t wait for all my lovely brides & grooms! xo

Hi, our wedding celebration will be on 13 Sep (friday the 13th!).
Could we check:
1. if you are still available on that day?
2. if there would be a lower rate given that it is not a weekend.
3. the celebration will be in Gresten (Niederoesterreich, A 3264). How would you price this package given that it would involve traveling from Vienna?
4. we would like the photographer (you!) to be around for about 5 hours (bride preparation in hotel room starting at about 10:30 am up to the start of the kaffee u kuchen session at 3:30 pm). we understand that most packages are for 8 hours, but we are looking for only 5 hours. Would you price this differently?
5. what would be included in the package (x number of prints/photos?)?

You have such great pictures and we would love to hear back from you.

Thanks in advance,
Juergen (Austrian) + En-Min (Singaporean)

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