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In Paris and hanging out with my talented film shooting colleague Greg Finck tonight – for which you can join in live on Facebook at 8pm! Would be lovely to see some of you – we’ll be answering all your questions about film photography, the wedding industry and making a living as well as making a life with your camera!


Luxury Destination Wedding Ireland by Peaches & Mint

Ever thought about having your wedding around Christmas time? Karen & David planned their wonderful celebration to take place just a few days before Christmas. This way all their friends and family, who’d be coming home for Christmas could be part, but not only that – inspired by the cozy Irish Christmas moods, malt wine, fireplaces, lot’s of warm, gold tones (more…)

Wedding Magazine Editorial Mystical Sintra by Peaches & Mint

I dreamed of Portugal, of a palace beyond time and era, somewhere to get lost and be found at once. Let us take you to Monserrat…

With the help of an amazing team of Portuguese people I got to make some dreams come true back in February! Finally our mystical Sintra bridal inspiration is ready for the world, here’s a little sneak preview for you! (more…)

Graphic Designer Vanessa Amato / Bluforece - Huetthaler Cookbook Fleischverliebt

Life is treating you terribly well if you find yourself in the company of people like Vanessa. For her there’s always time to ask “how are you’s” and look you in the eye with a cheeky smile, telling you that you shouldn’t just pass the question with the usual flappiant answer! (more…)

Tom and Katarin’s wedding weekend at the beautiful Wörthersee couldn’t have been any more laid-back perfection, their joyful international crowd celebrated the whole weekend in the stunning and whimsical Schlossvilla Miralago (more…)