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Urban loft inspiration

So happy I get to finally share some of my favorites of our Urban Loft Inspiration with you! It turned into a girls only event (even our lovely quadruped companion fitted in) and we had such a fabulous day together! When I started shooting film last year I mostly shot it in somewhat ideal conditions: Outdoor, lot’s of light etc. When it would get to dark I would switch to digital, as it gave me more security & range. This year I have shot numerous weddings 100% film (and LOVED the results), but that has a lot to do with the mistakes I was able to make at a few learning shoots, one of which you’re looking at right now. I am very grateful for situations like this – where there isn’t a lot at stake, at least nothing you couldn’t repeat. And I have to be most thankful to work with so many fabulous girls, who devoted their time & talent, to help me to learn and grow with them.

Thank you to Viktoria Antal / Lovely Weddings, who is by far the most talented wedding stylist Vienna has ever seen and who designed and styled this beautiful wedding inspiration with a little help of floral wonders by Fiona Seidl / Flowerup. Lisa & Tina of your choice are my latest find. Actually Lisa found me, but I adopted her immediatly – the girls have magic hands when it comes to hair & make-up and they opened up an amazingly lovely styling salon in the 9th district a few weeks ago – visit them if you get a chance, believe me it’s like a mini-holiday! Natalia / Milia druckt who is one of Germany’s best calligraphers devoted her fountain pen to create this copper themed stationery suite for us. The talented cake designer Andrea Kargl has worked wonders on this copper-themed cake and really managed to get one of my favorite Pablo Neruda quotes up there – it still amazes me! Also check out the lovely jewellery label Fox on the Rox, who made this sweet infinity bracelet. And last but not least Rime Arodaky who sent us a dress for this shoot – I wanted to shoot one for years, I’m just so in love with her version of a rockstar bride. (And the long lace sleeves!)  And a special thank you to my favorite lab Carmencita Film, they really saved me on this one and I am so glad I get to work with this talented bunch in Spain!

I am happy & proud that we made it on the cover of Hochzeitsguides wedding inspiration book 2014 with this shoot – check out the full feature here and some making of shots at the end of this blogpost! Hope you like it!


 Calligraphy by, photography by Pablo Neruda quote with you I'm home photography by peaches & mint Urban loft wedding inspiration bespoke wedding design by Rime Arodaky long sleeve lace dress photography by Fine Art Weddings Austria delicate and special wedding design by Lovely Weddings Copper peach and light blue wedding theme designed by Viktoria Antal of Lovely Weddings Tablecards Namecards with bespoke calligraphy by milia druckt Light bulbs for wedding decoration always a fabulous idea Bespoke wedding design by wedding photography by peaches & mintLace back and long lace sleeves on Rime Arodaky wedding dress Urban loft wedding inspiration bespoke wedding design by Fox on the Rox infinity bracelet Beautiful white lace dress by Rime Arodaky Wedding Book Covershot for by peaches & mint Wedding Cake with Pablo Neruda quote by Andrea Kargl Aisle details candles candles candles for wedding Bespoke ceremony setting for urban loft wedding in Vienna styled by Viktoria Antal / Lovely Weddings Behind the scenes of wedding inspiration photo shoot by peaches & mint Fiona Seidl of Flowerup behind the scenes Viktoria Antal styling her magic behind the scenes of Urban Loft wedding inspiration Our favorite pet Apie Andrea Kargl doing some last touches on her bespoke wedding cake design behind the scenes of wedding inspiration shoot The best team one could wish for - thank you girls - behind the scenes of Urban Loft wedding inspiration


Best of Vienna Wedding Vendors

Still love to look at this one.. Gorgeous in every detail and foremost u can almost feel the vibe u described before. lots of love, lots of pretty! xx v

everything about this is stunning. where did the glassware come from?

Thank you so much Michelle! The glasware was especially sourced by Viktoria of for this shoot, I am sure she can let you know where from if you ask her!

Lovely photo! Where are the curtain lights and the little copper wire lights from they are lovely?

Does anyone know what the greenery/vine is in the middle of the table ?

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