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The house that we make

So it has been a couple of very breathless months, so much that looking back it still seems unreal at times. Was I there, did I do all that? Traveling really had the most of me this year and I can proudly say that I’ve gotten better at packing my suitcase.

Right now I am preparing my first (and sold out) workshop in Barcelona in two weeks as well as a presentation at EWPPC, Europe’s first conference for wedding & portrait photography, so it is about time to reflect. And although shooting is something somewhat practical, I am grateful that also my thinking & reflecting about photography finally seems to have a place & entitlement. I’ve been wondering and reading up on photography theory ever since I came up with the thought of embarking on this visual journey for a living. I felt I needed context & understanding of the medium I am dealing with.

And today? I still don’t feel like I’m offering just a kind of “service” that you can book. Although shooting weddings isn’t as free in creation as shooting portraits might seem, it is quite a responsibility to capture a day, authentic and yet artistically minded: Memories are the house that we make. The spaces we unconsciously live in. We furnish it’s rooms with memories and dreams, sometimes it’s hard to tell one from another.

Isn’t it truly fascinating how much photography can become a part of this process? Take a photo from your childhood, that tells you a story you might not remember if it hadn’t been captured, told and retold. Re-telling is initially what makes a story become unforgettable. And photography can be those initials in one’s memorable home.

It’s a powerful tool we’re trading and I am glad I get to take a step back right now, looking at the lessons it has told me and at how much I still aspire to grow. And oh it has beeen a marvellous journey so far! Especially gratefull to have found myself a very talented and very spanish family down in Valencia, the boys & girls of Carmencita Film Lab who have been taking real good care of me this year. Not sure where I’d be without them but happy I am about every gramm of film I get to send their way.

So I guess 2015 I’ll be starting with some unforgetable memories: Tango, film photography and a good portion of karma chipped in and I have decided to move to Buenos Aires for a few months! (I’ll be back end of March). I know it will make me grow and I am blessed to get a chance and embark on the journey of learning a new culture & language.

…She’s still trying to turn her can’ts into can’s and her dreams into plans! This mini session was styled by the ever so talented Pearl, with a beautiful Emily Rose Riggs veil & make-up by the very talented & sweet Linda Collins, during my stay in Ireland this past summer. Pearl & Godiva have played a major part in making some dreams come true this year and I couldn’t be more thankful & inspired by a true artists vision – anything they touch becomes so much their own it’s amazing to watch! Ireland I will be back and oh I can’t wait indeed…

xoxo Pia


Dreamy bridals - Emily Riggs Veil styled by Pearl & Godiva photography by peachesandmint.comThe crown sensual bridal session styled by Pearl & Godiva photographed by Pia Clodi of peaches & mint Sensual bridal portrait session styled by Pearl & Godiva Delicate bridal portraits Sensual & delicate bridal portraits Emily Riggs Veil styled by Pearl & Godiva photography by

YAYYY!!! Can’t wait to meet you in Barcelona next week!!!! xx

Pia, this is absolutely stunning!!!

Haha – über “very Spanish” musste ich lachen. Genauso empfinde ich das auch und das ist einer der Gründe, warum ich schon so lange da bin :)
Du hattest ein tolles Jahr! Und es ist echt so viel passiert. Auf dass es nach etwas Luftholen in Argentinien genauso weitergeht!

Wonderful to read about your year and your future plans! I wish I could be there with you at the workshop:( Hopefully there’ll be another one soon that I can make it to:) And of course the images are amazing as always:)

beautiful words and even more amazing images… love this!

Die Bilder sind einfach wunderschön geworden. So romantisch und hauchzart. Ich mag die Farben. Alles Liebe und wie schön, dass du für nächstes Jahr schon so viel geplant hast. Ich bin über Weihnachten und Silvester in Korea und besuche dort meine Zwillingsschwester, bin schon ganz nervös :)

Alles Liebe, Maria

What a beautiful and thoughtful piece of writing, I shall look forward to reading more in the NY.

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