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Taking off to…

… the Caribbean tomorrow for this exciting years last wedding adventure! Though it’s only for a few days I am fleeing the cold and I feel so blessed to be part of the celebration of two special people all the way over on St. Martin!

Got to start packing now, but wanted to leave you with another little floral arrangement! I totally adore this autumnal color combo, hope you like it too!

See you guys in the little while of a few days and I promise to bring back some sunshine too!

xoxo Pia


Colorful berry & pink flower arrangement by peachesandmint.comAutumnal pink and berry floral arrangement by Wedding flower inspiration in pink and berry tones by    


Scanned & Developed by Carmencita Film Lab who couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw me shooting Kodak Portra for these! I like how they turned out, but I know I’ll keep to my Fuji as long as I can get a hold of it.

Stunning Pia!!
Hope you have a wonderful time in the Caribbean x

Such gorgeous colors! Have a fabulous time in the Caribbean!

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