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Soulful days

Before the season & plans for the year started to evolve I already had a gut feeling that I better get comfortable on the road and more of an expert at packing bags. And indeed I’ve been getting good practice the past weeks! On the airport again today, off to my beloved Ireland for a few soulful days in an old cottage and some recharing of batteries – cold wind & a fair bit of rain will be part of the treat, as well as my refurbished, old friend Erika. Laugh with me kiddos, but I am just failing at writing on computers, so letters & this lovely typewriter girl is what it comes down to – and yes, this analog life of mine is making me smile and oh so happy!

As for travel plans: Between now and end of July I will be on two different continents & in 5 or 6 different countries, so I will make good use of all my practicing! As crazy as all this might sound – I am so excited and so much looking forward to all this adventure as well as to shoot & meet a lot of lovely people in all these corners of the world! See you soon Donegal, Bangkok, Zurich, Paris & Lissabon! Ohh, can’t wait!!

xoxo Pia


PS: Let me know asap if you want to schedule shoots in any of these places, there’s only very limited spots available!

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Shot on Fuji400H and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab.

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