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Isabella & Alexander really kicked my wedding season 2013 off in the best possible way! Loved their classy & delicate style as much as their relaxed attitude – you can see they put a lot of thoughts into their special day, but that didn’t keep them from enjoying every minute of it! (more…)


Here’s one that is very close to my heart: I have been going through a very rough phase personally & relationship wise in the past months, it hasn’t been easy but it would have been impossible if I wasn’t blessed with the best support you could imagine. (more…)


So happy to see Ewelina & Christians beautiful wedding featured on Hochzeitsguide! This was really one of my favorite weddings last year, so happy they found me! (more…)


I had such a fabulous time with these two, so blessed I get to do this for a living! By the way – Roland & Dani are not only super nice & easy to get along with, they’re also two talented photographers & colleagues of mine (more…)

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Since I am an autodidact who never really studied photography in a classroom, it’s a treat for me to go on a workshop every once in a while and learn from the best people in the business. (more…)

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On our roadtrip to Norfolk, totally excited about the up and coming FIND experience, my lovely travel buddy and talented colleague Siegrid Cain & I passed this amazing poppyfield. (more…)