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Andi & Kathi

A few days ago Kathi wrote me such a sweet mail and told me how much the pictures mean to both of them, how they brought them together even closer and that she can’t stop looking at them over and over again. Words and feedback like this means a lot to me, since it is after all, why I feel like this job is worth every second invested. Andi is my darling “chief of every technical difficulty, website programming and making the impossible possible” – I was so happy I got a chance to do this shoot with them and give something back. And if you’re ever in need of real fantastic IT Services get in touch with him! Hope you enjoy our stroll by the beautiful Chiemsee in Bavaria.


Love your work and the colors are amazing.Stay fab ;).

Wow! These are so beautiful!

They look incredible! Such a lovely spot for portraits!

Thank you so much Ariana!!

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