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My girls

Here’s one that is very close to my heart: I have been going through a very rough phase personally & relationship wise in the past months, it hasn’t been easy but it would have been impossible if I wasn’t blessed with the best support you could imagine. One that you kind of know is there but as long as you don’t need it, you can only imagine… And let’s just say – now I know. Feeling that you’re loved and supported no matter what happens is what keeps me from stumbling, let’s me grow and do what I love doing.

Apart from that, these girls are some of the most amazing women I have ever met and I feel so darn blessed to call them my friends! Some of them live abroad, so it was a bit of a struggle to get them in one place (we’re still missing three so we’ll have to do this again next year!), but we took the chance. I am so happy we did this shoot and I know we’ll be looking at those pictures in many years from now and laugh and be grateful for those memories. I’m not in the pictures physically, but I am – hope you can feel my love for them. Meet my fabulous girls!




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Dear Pia, these shoots are beautiful and I am very happy for you, to have such people in your live !

They are Angels!

Oh Sabine & Patricia thank you, I’m so so happy too!

sooo beautiful and I can tell how much they mean to you! A bunch of strong women that have your back and that you can call real friends is all you an wish for in your life xoxoxo

Thank you Siegrid – so true!

These are so beautiful and such a lovely memento for you and all of your friends. I am not going to lie, these images make my heart ache for my girls back in California. Good girlfriends are absolutely priceless :)

So priceless dear Ashley! Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

love this! what a fun idea!

Thank you Katie, it was so much fun too! :-)

Oh Pia! What beautiful and sweet friends you can call your own. I love all these images! Sending you kisses xoxo

thank you sweetest girl!!!

What an absolutely fantastic idea and such a heart warming set of images. The exposures are spot on, beautiful and Christian & Erica at the UK Film Lab have done you proud! :)

Oh Kim thank you so much! And yessss – Chris & Erica are THE BEST!!

What a unique vision and talent you have, Pia. Thank you for sharing this beauty and laughter with us. May this be the beginning of a lovely and very meaningful tradition. So much love to you!

Eine der schönsten Liebeserklärungen!!!! Ganz einfach wundervoll….

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