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This is why…

…I love family sessions! I’ve only recently discovered how happy it makes me to shoot families – but meeting these three, soon to be four, was pure bliss! So happy I get to share a few of my favorite images from this session with you today!
Stephanie & Ralph are expecting their baby girl anytime now, I can’t wait to meet her and to do another session with the four of them in a few months. For me shooting families is much different to shooting babies, less static, which suits me better. I love to fool around with them and in the back of my head I always see their wall of frames & prints, with those images gracing their home and becoming part of their everyday lives.

We take so many pictures with our phones these days, (I do too!) and they all end up hardly being looked at twice. I know from personal experience, I need to make the effort, print them and frame them, or otherwise they’ll be forgotten soon. Taking the time and doing a family photoshoot helps, because these memories are special and you’ll be more willing to treat them that way. Also you’ll have everyone in front of the camera instead of always missing one family member who’s taking the picture.

I can’t remind myself often enough, how fast time flies. You think a year ahead, maybe two, but all of a sudden five have passed with a blink of an eye. Photographs are special, because they have the power to take you back and make you smile.

…and I really feel blessed, because I believe I will put a smile on Stephanie & Ralph’s faces even in 10 or 20 years from now!

xoxo Pia


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Shot on Fuji 400H / Contax 645 and scanned by the rad boys & girls of Carmencita Film Lab.

Absolut wundervoll, wieder!!
Ich bin überzeugt davon, dass die Familie noch lange, lange Zeit Freude an den Bildern haben wird – so wie wir! Danke fürs Zeigen! :)


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