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Family photography

I’ve been collecting lot’s of moods and finally started locationscouting again, now that it’s spring and everything is starting to blossom and bloom, I’m getting itchy feet to grab my camera and get some lovely peeps in front of my camera!

And I mean it – I literally need people in front of my lense to get inspired – big or small, but sometimes I feel like my entertaining self is most appreciated by the little ones! No kidding – it’s hard work too, but hey if making a fool of yourself for a child’s smile is called work – you can really call yourself lucky can’t you?

Looking forward to lot’s of fun family sessions this season – starting tomorrow! yeay! These photos of Charis & Family were taken in Norfolk, England last year during my Film is Not Dead experience with Jonathan Canlas. He’s the most amazing family photographer I’ve ever got to meet – hopefully I’ll get my own family in front of his lense some day, there’s way to little pictures of all of us together!

Family Photography Austria Vienna by Fine Art Family Photography on Film Family Photography Austria Vienna by Pia ClodiFIND Norfolk Family Photography by Workshop by Jonathan Canlas Family Photography Austria Vienna by


Scanned & developed by the wonderful UK Film Lab.

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