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Film is not dead – Norfolk

Since I am an autodidact who never really studied photography in a classroom, it’s a treat for me to go on a workshop every once in a while and learn from the best people in the business. This year I’ve been quite a good student, due to the fact that I’m very keen on learning to shoot on good old-fashioned medium format film. Finally a couple of weeks ago I flew to England for a long awaited workshop by Jonathan Canlas. Jonathan wrote a book, called Film is not dead and has been traveling the world for a while now, teaching photographers the craft and beauty of shooting on film. He hardly ever makes it to Europe, so I jumped right at my seat for the workshop in Norfolk, England. Having read all of his books, I was quite curious on how FIND could make a difference. And there are no words to express how much it did. Coming home I felt like crying (cause it was over) and laughing (for being so blessed to have had the chance to go and do it) at the same time. What FIND is, can only be described as “an experience” – one that, if you’re interested in film photography and you get a chance to make it, I wouldn’t dare you to pass upon. Hell, I would go a second time if I could! This is just a few impressions of my time in England and those talented peeps I was lucky to spend it with. I know it might sound a little creepy maybe, but this week has changed not only my photographic journey but also my life – for the better. Those memories, those people and you, Mr. Canlas, are very close to my heart.

These images are all shot on my darling Contax645, mostly Fuji400 & some Portra800 in the mix. Developed and scanned by favorite UK Film Lab. Thank you guys for your fantastic work!!


Beautiful Pia!!!

oh darling, those are so very beautiful. I miss all of you so so much. xxx

felt these to my core! beautiful…just beautiful.

And I mean to say too…that you metered these PERFECTLY! The colors are so rich but with a distinct softness as well. Again…just lovely work and very inspiring. xo

Gorgeous Pia!!

These are all so gorgeous Pia- they really tell a wonderful story from FIND Norfolk too. Love this! xxx


wow. these are all so amazing. congratulations!

Love the post Pia.. Love it so much :)

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