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Dreaming of a summer wedding

I must admit it took me a long time to understand what this shoot was really about. I had it on my mind for quite a while, actually ever since I started shooting on film the pictures became more and more visually concrete. The asthetic quality of analog film, combined with the colors of nature and traditional Austrian Tracht was something that seemed like a perfect match in my head. But that is not the whole story.

I dream a lot, in pictures and mostly in feelings. I’ve always been a daydreamer, I can drift into another world and an imagined identity easily. This was confusing when I grew up, as a teenager especially – because waking up from my daydreams they never seemed to have a lot in common with reality. Growing up for me had and probably still has a lot to do with differentiating between dreams and reality. I’ve gotten to know myself better and I’ve gotten used to it, but it wasn’t until I started out with photography, when I finally found a productive way of dealing with the pictures and daydreams in my head. I did try many things, from acting to making jewellery, from drawing to writing – but neither did outstanding talented find me nor did I feel home in those artistic disciplines.

This is why I love what I do, I need photography as a creative outlet. It’s the language, that I want to explore.

So this is what it comes down to: This shoot really is about me and how I see the world. I look at these images, the mood, the vibe, the aesthetic and I can see what I saw in my head. I am proud of that. I am. But what I really love about them the most was something that I didn’t expect, maybe it just didn’t cross my mind because of the massive amount of work I had to put into planning and preparing it. I love these images so dearly, because I love those people. These are my friends and family, who took the time to dress up, to come the way and be a part of this – for me. I took their portraits to make it up to them, but exactly those pictures are the ones that became the most important to me.

The preparations for this must have been a lot like for a real wedding: You have a vision of it, plan it for a long time, you decide where, and who and what to eat, you hope and beg for good wheather. And that the ones who are dear to you will come. And they do – they make their way from near & far, they dress up and celebrate with YOU. It took me a while to overcome the staged photo fear, but when I started to take portraits of the guests I got such an amazing feedback from my clients. Nonetheless it took me maybe until this shoot, to realize this for myself: It’s really about the people. And I’m not saying there isn’t a lot more to it and that there are many special moments & details very much worth capturing on such a day. But I will never again forget about the people, the family & friends who make this day and more than just this day – your life – a celebration. And I write this from the bottom of my heart: Your wedding surely is one of those very best occasions to make that unforgetable!

This wasn’t exactly a minor project to put together: It involved a total of more than 30 people to make it happen and more than that – make it so very special! Very blessed to have had on board for this: Jeannette Rene Conrad and her team of Prime Moments for planning, coordination & styling; the unbelievable Kunstgärtnerei Doll in charge of florals, Katharina Wolf & her family as the best hosts and most amazing caterers with LandArt Catering, Herz & Co for devoting their talent to creating an amazing stationery suite, Tostmann Trachten for styling our bride & groom so delicately and timeless, Coiffeur Sturmayr for hair & make-up, Thomas Koppler & Santiago Boceta for the unbelievably gorgeous making-of video, my dearest Franzi, for assisting & being on my side all day and my pals over at Carmencita Film Lab, who worked their magic developing and scanning these! And of course a very special thank you goes to my family and friends, who came and celebrated this vision with me. You are unbelievably fabulous and I am the luckiest one to have you!


Colorful summer wedding in Austria letterpress stationery by Herz&CoSummer Wedding Letterpress Stationery by www.herzundco.comLush summer wedding table decoration florals by Kunstgärtnerei Doll Gold vases & fresh summer flowers designed by Rustic summer wedding decorationRustic summer wedding photography by peachesandmint.comSummer wedding table decoration with gold, white & green tones Summer wedding celebration styled & planned by gold vases and fresh summer florals by Kunstgärtner Doll SalzburgDaisy flowers & berries lovely summer wedding decorationGreen & yellow summer wedding theme designed & planned by Prime MomentsSummer wedding celebration styled & planned by Catering by photography by Tradional Austrian Trachten Outdoor Wedding Trachtenhochzeit Austria traditional clothing Lederhosen & Dirndl Outdoor Lakeside Wedding Austria photography by peaches and mintFairytale summer wedding in Austria photography by Bride & Groom in traditional Tracht by Tostmann Trachten at an Austrian Summer Wedding Bride & Groom in Tostmann Trachten Tostmann Trachten Grooms Style for traditional Austrian wedding Destination Wedding Austria and abroad by peaches & mint fine art wedding photography Bride wearing a Tostmann Dirndl wedding photography by Tostmann Trachten Hochzeitsdirndl Bride wearing a Tostmann Dirndl Hair & Make-Up by Sturmayr Coiffeur Tostmann traditional Austrian Tracht summer wedding style photography peaches & mint by Pia Clodi Summer Wedding Celebration at Attersee, Salzkammergut in Austria photography by peaches&mint Details on Tostmann Dirndl traditional Austrian Trachten Family Photography Austria by Family Photography Austria in traditional Tracht by Lederhosen & Dirndl Style Austria summer wedding Them boys - Austrian Summer wedding style in Lederhosen & colorful Dirndl Family Photography Austria by Wedding group pictures by Celebratiing in Dirndl & Lederhosen Dirndl details beautiful Tracht Family Photos Familienfotos Hochzeit Wedding Austria Tostmann traditional Austrian Tracht summer wedding style photography peaches & mint by Pia Clodi Family Photography Austria by Preparing the food at an Austrian summer wedding catering by What if noone is looking!? Food photography celebrate the good life Landart Catering Austria photography by peaches & Catering extraordinaire Sharing stuffed corquettes Catering extraordinaire by Landart Catering Austria Katharina Wolf of Landart Catering photography by Pia ClodiSummer Wedding Celebration at Attersee, Salzkammergut in Austria photography by peaches&mint Summer Wedding Austria Sweet treats photography by peaches&mint Destination Wedding Europe Fine Art Wedding Photography by peaches&mint Summer wedding celebration styled & planned by your glasses and toast at a summer wedding in Austria destination wedding photography by peachesandmint.comGood Wine, good food, good moods at a Summer Wedding photography by Contax645 Fuji400H Celebrate life & love - summer wedding ideasSummer trees branches Summer Outdoor Wedding Gold White Green by peachesandmint.comBride & Groom at dinner with friends and family - lakeside wedding Austria destination wedding photography by Destination Wedding Attersee by peaches & mint fine art wedding photography Under the apple trees - summer wedding ideas Outdoor summer garden wedding evening moods by peachesandmint.comOutdoor summer garden wedding celebration by

Pia, you nailed it! This is just so so so wonderful, that I wish I could have been part of this lovely, soft, fun, rusty afternoon! I love this!!!

Pia, be-still my heart! This is stunning. You should be absolutely proud of your ability and your vision. Bravo!

To be honest, this shoot was the only reason I bought the Hochzeitswahn book ;) And it was worth it. My heart sings when I look at these images, maybe that’s because it also depicts my little girl’s dreams about my perfect wedding (although in the end I got married a bit differently). Maybe because I’m a girl from the South too. And maybe…no definitely because I love film and this oozes film perfection. So maybe you don’t care and of course this is your shoot and your shoot only but you’re also making me very happy with it – everytime I look at it! :)

Pia, these images are pure magic! I can really feel how important it was to you and how much it meant to you to shoot this beautiful gathering. You can be proud that your visions came alive in this beautiful way! Dream on! xoxo

What a gorgeous, joyful day!

The film and the photographs are art, really, it’s art! You are amazing, such an inspiration. Outstanding work!!

As a fellow wedding photographer I ve been following your work for quite a while. In this post, I see your images, I read your words and I feel your art as your inner call. This is truly inspiring! Not only for photographers but for everyone out there. Thank you!

Thank you all so much for your kind words! <3 <3 <3

This is SO COOL!!! I love your concept. And you took such beautiful, whimsical images. Gorgeous!!

Hi! I LOVE your photos… I´m an Event-Manager (running my own company) in Vienna and – well, kind of try to be half good as you in creating such incredible photos. You are so inspiring! All the best for you!

atemberaubend schön !

Well done Pia, this is superb! Such a great idea and concept, perfectly done and of course stunningly documented:) Beautiful!

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