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Atelier visit at peaches & mint in Vienna

Two years ago I took a brave step by renting a beautiful appartment in one of the many historic buildings here in Vienna. I had been doing the working & living combination for a while and dreamt of a proper workspace / office and also the possibilities of a daylight studio. (more…)

2013 has been an amazing year for peaches&mint, with travels to Thailand, The States, England, Italy, Switzerland and Ireland, 31 weddings, lovely couple & inspiration shoots, many, many inspiring people I’ve met along the way (more…)

Photography Branding & Packaging for peaches&mint

With the season coming to a calm the last few weeks, I finally got round to doing some updates on my homepage and I want to share a few snippets of my client packages this year (more…)

Nautical Seaside Inspiration by

So, so happy about this fabulous day by the lake and all the talented peeps I get to work with to shake of wedding photography’s old and dusted image! Watch us behind the scenes of our nautical inspiration shoot – video by the oh so talented Ben & Jakob of Sequence Five!


nothing like photos in print - fine art albums & prints; photography by (1)

As most of my clients know, my heart belongs to things you can hold in hands, like a real letter in the post for example. It’s kind of the same for me when it comes to pictures… (more…)