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Elfenkleid Fashion

One of the best things that happened work-wise this year was the start of my collaboration with the viennese label Elfenkleid. Dipping my toes into fashion photography has been a great experience, especially since Sandra & Annette are two amazingly talented designers who’s work I’d admired for quite a while. (more…)

When I planned my New York visit this spring, I came up with the idea to do a little, rather casual shoot there – since I am lucky enough to basically be able to do my job anywhere! One thing led to another (more…)

About a year ago, in those last summer days I motivated a friend of mine to get up for me veeeery very early and meet me for a portrait and dress session in the morning light. I had found these lovely flowers on my daily walks through the beautiful Augarten in Vienna (more…)

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Since I am an autodidact who never really studied photography in a classroom, it’s a treat for me to go on a workshop every once in a while and learn from the best people in the business. (more…)

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As most of my clients know, my heart belongs to things you can hold in hands, like a real letter in the post for example. It’s kind of the same for me when it comes to pictures… (more…)