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For a long time I’ve been dreaming about creating a traditional Austrian Trachten inspiration – without the “Kitsch” that the theme usually comes with. For a foreigner it might be strange, but Dirndl and Lederhosen aren’t unusual outfits in Austria – still many people wear their Trachten for various occasions, for market saturdays, traditional celebrations and of course – weddings! (more…)

Destination Wedding Switzerland by peaches and mint

Here’s one I’ve really been looking forward to share with you for many reasons: Sira & Guido’s wedding on the verge of the Swiss Alps wasn’t just a highlight of my year to photograph… (more…)

Top wedding photographer of the year 2013 nominated by the Love Collective

So honored to have been nominated top wedding photographer of the year 2013 by the Love Collective, big big thank you to my dear Esther of belle e chic!! Working and growing together with bloggers has been one of the great experiences in this past year (more…)

When I met K├Ąthi and Giorgi this spring I knew immediatly we’d get on really well, but I honestly couldn’t wait for their special day to take place once I saw their stunning letterpress invitation set by Herz&CO. (Yes, things like that get me madly excited!!) (more…)

…getting the scans back from this exquisit Vienna wedding! Just to tease you – Lena Hoschek dress and bridesmaid dress, matching Niely Hoetsch headpiece and what an exquisit engagement ring! Barbara I’m in love with your style!! (more…)

Elfenkleid Wedding dress Collection 2013/2014 photography by peaches and mint

I’ve collaborating with so many talented people this year and am feeling so blessed for all the support I’m getting & the trust they’ve put in me. Shooting the new bridal collection for the Austrian designer duo Elfenkleid really was a dream come true! We went all the way to Italy (more…)