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Most of the time we only get to see and appreciate the results, yet it is incredible to watch an artists go to work. The creation has always been a most fascinating phenomenon to me: Maybe it’s all the more intriguing when results are revolutionarily, seemingly simple. And at it’s best you don’t see all the work that has been put into conquering a craft, (more…)

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I found a great excuse to take off to Paris last week – Paris Photo, art worlds’s finest photo fair is taking place at the Grand Palais – I couldn’t wait to indulge. Since work for me isn’t really work as most people understand it – I am lucky enough to call this research – I decided not to miss out on it this year. I couldn’t wait to see this beautiful city again and my dear friend Greg Finck, who is one of the most talented photographers I know. (more…)

…film photography is a magic thing – once you’ve tried it, you are kind of hooked – it’s as if there was no going back from this point of bliss and satisfaction: The creamy tones, the dynamic range between light and dark – and of course medium format’s unrivalled depth of field. Even looking through the Contax (more…)

As far as I can think back, I’ve loved being in a kitchen and many of my childhood memories cercle around the wonderfully sensuous process of cooking. The way it corresponds with all your senses as well as your creative mind by preparing, creating and of course tasting. Oh how those appetising scents filling the house make your surrounding zealously prepare tables and (more…)

Lissabon travels & poems

Der Zauber der Inspiration, etwas fesselt unsere Gedanken und feuert sie an auf Reisen zu gehen. Neugierig laufe ich mit, schlüpfen hinein in die Idee, probiere sie an und bin ganz entzückt über meine Entdeckung. Spiegle mein Leben in deinem, will heraus finden wo das Licht sich bricht und (more…)

Last week at a dinner party my charming neighbour and I jumped right into one of the questions that keeps pondering my head most days. “What is beauty?” Udo asked, as if it were the most normal topic to speak about right after meeting someone and although I wanted to hug him for his unpretentious conversation opening, it definitely caught me of guard. Beauty. (more…)