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In the coming weeks I want to share some of my dearest wedding stories of the past year with you just the way I share them with my clients: I’ve done these slideshows for years, much like the album design or blogpost, I always have them in mind when I shoot a wedding. These slideshow’s are my favourite way to tell the story.

And I am very passionate about stories, I think they are the very best way to make memories as to keep them alive by being told and retold.

So let me take you to Lago Maggiore in Italy for this first story: The Rooses Family Wedding was by far one of my most emotional wedding days in the past year. Tanja, who is one of the co-founders of the travel guide Nectar&Pulse, had lost both her parents not so long ago and I felt like getting married for them meant living a tradition the purest sense – they were starting a new family. There was so much hope watching them, literally making their very own version of things: Making, creating, shaping their own lives.

Lives that are filled with heartfelt hugs and exclamation marks. Lives that are filled with warm-hearted people and friends that would come a long way. Lives that are filled with all kinds of little things that make them happy, that make their story their very own and that make them smile. Oh yes, meeting and learning from people is what inspires me, what makes me happy the most and I am so thankful for these guys and so honoured they asked me to tell a little bit their story!

More images of this beautiful wedding are coming up on Magnolia Rouge in March, keep an eye out!

Pia…. ooooh Pia…. <3

Wooooow, so pretty! The photos are so full of positive, bright shining energy. Loved the vid


This is perfect… love the way you captured all the emotions, the beautiful surrounding, the happy couple. Just <3

These are simply perfect, my dear. x

Inspirational, and such an eye. I’m so sorry to hear of Tanja’s passing of both her parents, but you have created something that captures the spirit of this day so wonderfully. Thank you for sharing x

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